Wiseco 3132 Series Piston Kits for Yamaha Outboards

Wiseco Piston

Each kit includes a forged piston, rings, wrist pin, and circlips. Our prices include shipping in the continental US.

Tip: 3132 is the new part number for the 3032 series. The applications are the same and it's okay to mix and match them.

Price Per Kit: $99

B1035 Wrist Pin Bearings: $24 each

* = Limited to available stock.

Important Notes

Please check your bore size before ordering! A 25% restocking fee will be applied to all piston returns, even if exchanged for a different bore size. This is because too many people guess which size they'll need, only to find out later that they (or their machinist) were wrong. Sorry, but this also applies to "but my machinist said I needed this size piston, but then said it had to be bored more" cases.

Determining Your Bore Size

The bore must be within .001" of the listed bore specs above. Example: If a bore size is listed as 3.395", then the acceptable range is 3.395" - 3.396".

If you're replacing standard size pistons, you just need to have the cylinders checked to be sure that they're within spec, both in bore diameter and out-of-round. The cylinder should be deglazed before installing the new kits if the cylinder isn't being bored.

If you're having one or more damaged cylinder bored for an oversize piston, the cylinder should be bored to the point where it is perfectly round, with no surface damage. Then, you can measure it to have a better idea of which oversize is right for you. Some machinists won't finish hone your block until you supply them with the pistons, but they can still bore out the damage and give you a measurement.

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