Water Pumps for Mercruiser Sterndrives

The kits for 1, MR, and Alpha drives are complete kits with housings, unless noted otherwise.

Model Serial Number Part # Price
#1 Drives with plastic flush screw in gear housing 2495186-2763441 18-3321 $79.95
#1 Drives without flush screw in gear housing* 2763442-6854392 18-3317 $68.00
MR & Alpha I 6854393-D594568 18-3320 $64.00
Alpha I - Gen II (No housing) D594569 & Up 18-3214 $45.00

* = If the lower unit has been upgraded to an Alpha, be sure to use 47-3320. If it's an Alpha, there won't be a preload pin at the top of the driveshaft.

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