New Stern Drives for Mercruiser Alpha I

New gearcases, upper drive shaft assemblies and complete outdrives for Mercruiser Alpha I stern drives are covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

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Use this chart if you're not sure which gear ratio you need.

- One Year Warranty.
- No more core charges, so there's no need to ship your old unit back.
- All new--no more rebuilt/remanufactured drives.
- Save over $100 when you buy a complete drive (details below).

Our prices include shipping in the continental US, so the price you see is what you pay.

NEW Mercruiser Alpha I Drives 1984-1990
Mercruiser Alpha I Upper New Upper Drive Shaft Housing Assembly 
Please include gear ratio, year, HP, engine serial number & number of cylinders when ordering.
Ratio Part Number Price
1.5 Ratio MC-AU-150-N $1,295
1.65 Ratio MC-AU-165-N $1,295
1.84 Ratio MC-AU-184-N $1,295
1.98 Ratio MC-AU-198-N $1,295
Alpha I Lower Gearcase Assembly New Lower Units for Mercruiser Alpha 1
Description Part Number Price
New Gearcase MC-AL-N $1,395
Alpha I Sterndrive New Complete Outdrives for Mercruiser Alpha I Stern Drives
Complete drives are shipped in two pieces without oil. Be sure to use the proper gear oil and filling procedure listed in your manual.
Save over $100 when you order a complete drive--details below!
Ratio Part Number Price
1.50 Ratio MC-AC-150-N $2,589
1.65 Ratio MC-AC-165-N $2,589
1.84 Ratio MC-AC-184-N $2,589
1.98 Ratio MC-AC-198-N $2,589
All Mercruiser lower units, upper assemblies and complete stern drives are shipped without oil!


Service Tips

When replacing only half of your drive, upper or lower, it's important to service the other half to avoid damage to the replacement. The half that's not being replaced should be disassembled, cleaned, inspected and resealed before assembling the outdrive.

All units are shipped without oil! Be sure to use the proper oil and filling technique listed in your owner's/service manual.

Core Value

There is no longer a core charge on the Mercruiser Alpha I uppers, lower units, or complete drives, so there's no need to send your old one back for credit.

Complete Drive Savings

Complete drive savings only apply when a complete drive is ordered. If both lower and upper are ordered separately at different times, full individual prices apply, even if they're ordered within a short period of time.


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