Rebuilt Force Powerheads

Force Outboard Powerhead

Rebuilt powerheads for Chrysler & Force outboards come with a one-year limited warranty. Powerheads come with a base installation gasket set, so there's no need to order one separately.

Our prices include shipping in the continental US, including the return of your core for credit where applicable.

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HP Cyls CID Years Price Core Part Number
75 3 75.1 1999 $1,699 + core $250 FO-P3-76-R
85 3 72.39 1988-1989 $1,699 - FO-P3-87-R
90 3 75.1 1996-1999 $1,699 + core $250 FO-P3-96-R
120 4 102.9 1996-1999 $1,845 + core $350 FO-P4-96-R
150 5 124 1988 $2,125 - FO-P5-89-R
150 5 128.6 1989-1991 $2,125 - FO-P5-91-R
150 5 128.6 1992-1994 $2,375 - FO-P5-92-R


Important Info

Any time you rebuild or replace a powerhead, you should also replace the water pump, rebuild the carburetors and inspect the entire fuel & cooling systems.

It's important to know why the powerhead failed and correct it to avoid damaging the replacement and voiding the warranty. Most powerhead failures are caused by a cooling problem or a lean fuel condition.

Always be sure to follow the proper installation and break-in procedure recommended in your owner's manual. Improper setup, synchronization and timing can cause a premature powerhead failure.

Make sure you include your engine model number when ordering a remanufactured powerhead.

Core Info

Core value is based on the condition of crank and block. Powerheads with core charges come with a pre-paid return label for sending the old one back.

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