You must fully accept and agree to our policy to do business with Seiler Marine, LLC. Failure to read or understand this policy, does not relieve you of your legal obligation to it.

If you believe that you have found an error on this site, please bring it to our attention.

Seiler Marine, LLC reserves the right to change these terms at any time.

Everything on this site is property of Seiler Marine, LLC except names/logos/graphics of the manufacturers. Brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. OEM part numbers are used as a reference only, unless otherwise noted.

Nothing on this site may be copied or duplicated.


Only the manufacturer's warranty applies to products sold by Seiler Marine, LLC. Warranty covers repair/replacement only--not a refund. Parts must be received before being processed under warranty. The manufacturers have the final say in all warranty situations and Seiler Marine, LLC offers no coverage or compensation beyond that.

Abuse voids warranty coverage. Examples of abuse include, but are not limited to: improper installation or handling, high-performance or heavy commercial usage, electrolysis/corrosion, or physical damage, and damage caused by an unrelated failure.

Warranty coverage only applies to defects in materials or workmanship. It does not cover the costs of shipping, labor, storage, towing, haul-out, transportation, parts damaged by unrelated failures, or anything else beyond what's specified in a manufacturer's warranty.

Be sure a part is defective before contacting us about a warranty claim (most parts sent in are fine and were improperly diagnosed). A testing fee may be applied to non-defective parts sent in under warranty, as well as shipping charges.

All parts are intended to be installed by a qualified technician. When you decide to install/repair something yourself, you are taking on a lot of responsibility.

All warranty requests must be made in writing, through either mail or email -- not by phone.


The warranty coverage period begins on the sale date, regardless of when the part is installed.

Specific Manufacturer Policy Info: Outboard Recycle | Wiseco | Rapair & CDI



A 20% RESTOCKING FEE WILL BE APPLIED TO ALL RETURNS & EXCHANGES. Wiseco piston returns & exchanges will be charged a 25% restocking fee.

Used parts are sold as-is without any warranty coverage and are not returnable.

Unfortunately, we can't afford to lend everyone ignition parts as trouble-shooting tools.

The customer is responsible for shipping charges on all returns or exchanges. We are not responsible for packages that are lost/damaged on their way here, so it is highly recommended that you use an insured shipping service with a tracking number.

Parts returned without authorization are simply refused. Important note: Simply sending something back outside the return period does NOT mean you're getting your money back. It just means you wasted money on shipping a part, that is still yours, and that you will be paying again to have it shipped back to you.

Never send a part back, directly to the manufacturer, unless instructed to do so by Seiler Marine, LLC.

Absolutely no returns on: Special orders, used parts, sealed items that have been opened, tools or testing equipment, electrical parts, and parts that have been installed.

Core Returns: On items that require a core to be sent in for credit, credit will only be issued on items that are EXACTLY the same as what was ordered. Different make/model/style/etc. versions will not be accepted. Core value is determined in whole by the manufacturer of the item being sold and is non-negotiable.

Again, ALL returns, whether for exchange or warranty, must be authorized through mail or email; we do NOT process return requests by phone.


Prices include Ground shipping in the continental US when paying online or by mail, unless otherwise noted -- not by phone. For all other areas, please contact us for shipping info. Be sure to include your complete shipping address, formatted as it should appear on the package.

A small handling fee will be added to small orders, as noted in red on the order form.

Seiler Marine, LLC will not cover the cost of international shipping under any circumstances, nor will any manufacturer or supplier. The customer is also responsible for paying any duties or taxes due in the destination country, where applicable. Some orders may require payment by certified funds, such as wire transfer.

Seiler Marine, LLC assumes no responsibility for parts that are lost or damaged in transit; however, we do insure all shipments for their full value, that we ship out. Orders that are drop-shipped directly to you from the manufacturer fall under their policies. If you receive a package that was damaged in shipping, keep everything as it is and let us know right away. Do not throw out the box or packaging material, since the shipping company will want to inspect it.

The customer is responsible for supplying the correct shipping address and is responsible for any package sent to a wrong address due to mistakes on his/her part. Always check for typos before submitting your order.

Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes. If your credit card statement is mailed to a PO box, you should enter it under the billing information, but the shipping address must be a physical address. You will also need to call your card company and have them add your physical address to your account as an authorized shipping address, then include the toll-free number on the back of the card with your order for verification.

A 20% restocking fee will be applied to any order that's refused at time of delivery.

Orders cancelled before they ship, but after sales have been batched for the day, will be charged the credit card processing fees, which range from 2.5 - 4%, depending on the card and cardholder location. This fee does not apply to orders that are cancelled during the same business day, before sales are batched and finalized, unless the following applies:

If canceling an order for an item that had to be ordered, the shipping charges of that order will not be refunded if the manufacturer has already shipped it.

Sorry, but we do not ship COD and we do not accept American Express.


Prices are subject to change without notice. If a price has changed but the site hasn't been updated, you will be notified of the current price before being billed and given the option to cancel the order. Each supplier changes their prices at different times of the year, sometimes more than once. Unfortunately, some of them even raise the prices before sending dealers a new price list, but we do our best to update everything as soon as possible.

A typo does not entitle you to an incorrect price. If you believe you found a mistake in our pricing, please let us know.

Technical Support

Technical support is only available through email -- never by phone. Please note that support is only offered as a courtesy and that you are ultimately responsible for the job being done correctly, even if that means paying a shop to do it.

We try to help out whenever possible, but it's very important to realize a few things:

  1. Troubleshooting a motor is easier in person, using the proper tools, than it is over the internet, based on someone else's observations.
  2. Never attempt any job, regardless of how simple it may seem, if you don't have a service manual handy. Email us if you need a service manual.
  3. It's often best to have certain jobs done professionally. If you have any doubts about a procedure, doing it incorrectly can cause more damage than what was already done. Not to mention, certain repairs might require special tools that are more expensive than paying to have the job done at a shop.
  4. Only you can determine your mechanical abilities.
  5. Technical advise is to be used at your own risk. It's always best to get your info straight from the service manual.
  6. No manual, tools, or advice can replace common sense and experience.
  7. All parts sold by Seiler Marine, LLC are intended to be installed by a qualified technician. If you still have doubts after reading through the procedure in the manual, it's probably time to take it to a shop. Just remember that warranty coverage only applies to defective parts--not parts that were damaged due to improper installation.

Important: The moment you decide to fix something yourself, you assume ALL responsibility for the job. The ONLY way around this, is to take it to a shop and pay someone else to accept ALL responsibility. Please keep in mind that we cannot be held responsible for the mechanical abilities of others.


Parts Substitution: If a part you order is not available in a particular brand, it may be substituted for another, but only if: a) the price is the same or lower, 2) the warranty coverage is as long, or longer, 3) quality is equal to, or greater than, that of the original part.

Reversing Charges (Charge-backs)
Charge-backs are only there to protect you from fraud, which will never happen here. If you have a problem, contact us to resolve it, instead of trying to steal money like a filthy criminal. A charge-back as an attempt to bypass our policy (which is a legally binding contract), or override a warranty/return period, is credit card fraud on your part and will be handled as such.

If you file a fraudulent charge-back, we will successfully reverse it through the credit card company as well as charge your card a $50 dispute fee per transaction. No exceptions.

Further criminal behavior on your part will win you an invitation to court in Bay County, Florida, where you will be sued for the full amount, another round of dispute fees, plus all legal and related expenses. If you're stupid enough to get this far, you really shouldn't be working on a boat in the first place.

We reserve the right to insist on certified funds, or refuse business altogether, as we see fit.

Unclaimed Merchandise: Since this is not a storage facility or junkyard, unclaimed merchandise will be sold after 60 days with no reimbursement to the customer. This includes non-defective items sent in under warranty that incur a testing fee that goes unpaid.


We respect your privacy and would never give or sell your information to anyone. The only way that you'll receive mail from us is if you request info from us, or if we need to contact you in reference to a transaction or previous discussion.We do not tolerate spam, whether it's sent to us, or if it's someone spamming our site.

How to report spam: The best way to report spam is with a free Spam Cop account. You must include the complete message source. If you're not sure how to do this, check their FAQ for your particular email program. Everyone should have one of these accounts and take a few minutes to report any spam that you receive. There will never be a way to stop spammers, but there's no reason to make their lives any easier. Report all spam! IMPORTANT: When submitting spam reports, be sure to uncheck all boxes on the form except for the one that reports the sender of the email.

The exception to the privacy policy, would be for public humiliation, in the event that any form of fraud or theft is committed against Seiler Marine, LLC. Surely you've seen the bounced checks on the wall of the businesses they were written to, right? This website is our wall. ;-)