Placing an Order with Seiler Marine

Secure Order Form

The best way to place an order with Seiler Marine is by using the secure online order form. Orders placed on line receive priority over others.

Price Quote Form

Use the Price Quote Form to check part pricing and availability if you're not sure what to order.

Mail Order

If you'd like to mail in an order, click here and print out the page that opens. Orders paid by credit card or USPS postal money order are processed immediately. Orders paid by personal check are held at least 10 business days until the check clears. Please send us an email, letting us know that you're mailing an order in. It's also a good idea to check availability before mailing your order.

Free Shipping

Prices include ground shipping in the continental US when paying online or by mail, unless otherwise noted. Smaller orders may be charged a handling fee, as indicated on the order form.

Phone Orders

Orders paid by phone do not qualify for free shipping, so you must contact us for a shipping quote before submitting an order to be paid by phone. It's always cheaper and faster to order online instead.

Once you've been quoted a shipping rate, you can proceed to the phone order page. Failure to follow the instructions on that page will lead to the order being deleted without notification. Most orders submitted through that form are deleted because the instructions weren't followed, so paying online instead is recommended.