Mercury & Mariner 85 HP Ignition Parts

Save on stators, switch boxes, triggers, rectifiers, voltage regulators and internal wiring harnesses for Mercury and Mariner 85 HP outboards. Parts manufactured by CDI Electronics meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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HP Model Year Cyls Serial Switch Box Stator Trigger Rectifier Harness
85 850 1973-1975 4 3493913-4366801 114-2986
85 850 1976-1977 4 4366802-4831998 114-5772

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Important Info

The application chart is just a general guide. Always include your engine model and serial numbers to be sure you receive the correct parts. If possible, also include the part number that's on your old part.

Ignition parts are not returnable. If you have any questions about troubleshooting or ordering the correct part, please contact us before ordering to avoid getting stuck with an incorrect part.


CDI stators and switch boxes for Mercury/Mariner outboards and Sport Jets are covered for two years; triggers, coils, rectifiers, voltage regulators and harnesses are covered for one year.

Part numbers that begin with an R are remanufactured by CDI/Rapair and come with a 90-day warranty. Most "R" part numbers require that you send your old part in to be remanufactured.

More CDI Electronics warranty info.

Additional Parts Info

Battery CD Ignition
Switch box part numbers 114-2986 and 114-4796 both come with new ignition coils, so there's no need to order them separately.

134-6452 and 134-6454 Triggers 
Before ordering, be sure to check your linkage arm to see if it's straight or has a 90 degree hook in it, as shown in the picture. If it's straight, order 134-6452. If it does have a hook in it, order 134-6454. Note that the two parts are not interchangeable.

Mercury Triggers

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